How to access Ovarian Tissue Preservation services through ProFam?

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Doctor´s consultation

We will book you in for a consultation with our expert doctor and provide you with relevant information about the surgical procedure and what will follow.

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Depending on your preference, we will book you into a collaborating facility.

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Collection of ovarian tissue

The procedure is performed by laparoscopy with anaesthesia and takes 15 minutes in the hands of an experienced surgeon. You will spend approximately 1 day in the clinic after the procedure.


Options for obtaining ovarian tissue

After a consultation with us, we can either book you into a collaborating clinic for tissue harvesting, or if you are already undergoing another surgery, we can arrange for harvesting as part of that surgery.

The advantage of this is that if you have other gynaecological surgery planned, then the harvesting will be done as part of this procedure. We are expanding our network of certified clinics where the retrieval will be possible. ProFaM will provide transport from the clinic to the laboratory and quality tissue processing.

How is the tissue removed?

Tissue is removed laparoscopically using a thin telescope-like instrument (laparoscope) that is inserted into the abdomen through a small incision (only about 1 cm) just below the belly button.

Two or three other such incisions may be made to allow the insertion of further instruments into the abdomen to remove part of the ovary. The procedure takes 15 minutes in the hands of an experienced surgeon.

What is included in the fees paid to harvest/collect, freeze and store your tissue samples for the first year?

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Fee to Gynaecologist for Laparoscopy and tissue harvesting (unless covered by National Health Insurance)

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Fee to anaesthetist

Group (10)

Fee to scientist to handle tissue and prepare it for freezing and storage locally or for transportation to a central National site

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Tissue collection kit

Group (10)

Cost to courier tissue same day

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Tissue storage at Fertility clinic or BioBank in dedicated ProFam cryostorage, repeating annually

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Follow-up post-surgical review with Gynaecologist

The fees will be determined by each patient’s individual circumstance and preferences, which will range from ‘opportunistic’ ovarian tissue cryopreservation (so called as the tissue is obtained opportunistically during another operation) to ‘planned’ that requires specific, exclusive, surgery to remove ovarian tissue. Please contact ProFaM to discuss your specific needs.

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