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Why freeze Ovarian Tissue?


Influence on future fertility and menopause


Ovarian Function explained


Why was ProFam created?

Many young women educate themselves about their fertility potential and/or have become aware through social media, public information or their employers’ health packages of their fertility preservation options. Preserving female fertility for ‘social reasons’ is common place and very well accepted globally. More recently large employers/international organisations and private companies offer egg freezing or sperm banking to their employees. This allows young women to consider their fertility with less of ‘the clock is ticking’ pressure on them to make forced decisions to start a family or postpone their reproductive choices, to facilitate their professional careers.

Cancers or other medical conditions often require chemical therapies which are toxic to a woman’s ovaries. Prior to chemo- or radio-therapy, these women often undergo hormone stimulated egg harvesting and freezing of low numbers of their eggs. This preserves these women’s chances and reproductive choices to attempt to have a bank of their own genetic material in their future. See the comparison table of egg freezing versus Ovarian Tissue Cryopreservation (OTC). Instead of egg freezing, the freezing of ovarian tissue offers more benefits to these women.

Egg freezing and fertility protection today

The source of a woman’s fertility are/is her ovaries/ovary.  The cause of the menopause is the declining function of the ovary. The ovary contains the eggs and produces the hormones necessary for a successful conception.

As a woman ages the quality and number of eggs decline and eventually the supply ends, resulting in cessation of hormone production and thereby introducing the menopause.

ProFaM offers the opportunity to preserve some of your ovarian tissue for your future use.

Your preserved ovarian tissue can be used in the future for the availability of eggs should you need them, or simply to provide your own, natural hormones to delay the onset of the menopause. Using ProFaM may enable you to maintain your pre-menopausal state of health and wellbeing for an additional 10 or 20 years."


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