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Young women today are destined to live in the menopausal stage for 30-40 years (or more), but throughout history most women did not live much beyond their fertile period. Although modern lifestyle and medicine are ensuring we live much longer, the intrinsic nature of the ovaries has not changed, and unless we use modern technology to preserve them, the ovaries will cease to function at around 45-50 years of age, leaving a woman with 4 or 5 decades of menopausal issues. Delaying menopause with ovarian tissue cryopreservation and transplantation later in life can extend the period a woman lives in her pre-menopausal stage. Years of meticulous research has now allowed women to delay their biological clock.

Ovarian tissue cryopreservation, storage and transplantation has been undertaken for over 20 years in patients who are at risk of losing their fertility due to cancer or benign disease. There have been many medical-science publications on this technology for fertility preservation in these patients. The technology is the same for both fertility preservation and using this approach for extending the menopause. Given the success with fertility preservation we believe we are now in a position to offer the opportunity to postpone the menopause.


You collect thousands of eggs in one small piece of tissue


You preserve your natural fertility and chance to conceive later in your reproductive years


You can transplant after thawing tissue to produce your own natural female hormones


You can delay the onset of Menopause


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